Ways to de-stress in the evenings

After the joys of a bank holiday comes the short week, which in one way is heavenly but it can also bring extra stress with a five day workload squeezed into four days.

This week I’ve thought myself to de-stress in more ways than one trying to keep the less hurried lifestyle I left behind in Islington front of mind. It’s not always easy but my willpower and conscious has a way of creeping up on me:

– Read a book on your way back from work. After a full day starring at a screen, put your phone/tablet in your bag and read what you want to read. I am completely obsessed with Bridget Jones’s Diary and have been wanting to read the new installation which I’m starting now
– Cook a nice meal and fully enjoy it. I love cooking and have been the main cook in our household for a while. I always find cooking quite relaxing and I find that a home cooked meal is often enjoyed much more. If you’ve read my eating right – getting inspiration you know I love a good cookbook. This week I’ve been lucky that Welly has been working from home so he’s been busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm – check out these banana, cinnamon, flaxseed and egg pancakes and a ginger and chilli broth with wheat free noodles and oven baked salmon:
– Do 20 minutes of exercise. It really isn’t a lot but it really does make a difference. I’ve been doing my tone it up and yoga workouts when I walk through the door – it makes you focus on you for just 20 mins a day (we all deserve much more if you ask me)
– Go for a post-dinner walk. Now this is a new thing that moving to the house on the lake has allowed me to do. I’ve been cracking the walks and simply loving our lake at the end of the garden – so blissful and calming:


What do you do to de-stress after a long day at work?

Make the most of your mornings

As I’m sure you’ve realised by now I love my mornings and if you follow me on Instagram you will know that last Tuesday was pretty epic.

The house on the lake has many perks – 1, it’s bigger than the room we shared for a good two years 2, the garden is a sun trap 3, I have my own kitchen and plenty of space in the fridge and 4, the nature around here is beautiful and it makes me happy.

Luckily my holiday coincided with us moving so I’ve had time to explore, create and generally gloat a bit (sorry, it has just been better than I ever imagined)!

It’s all in the name of being active so I got up and made a beetroot, ginger, celery and carrot juice for Welly and I before he was off to work to set us both up for the day. I was then ready for my walk, where I met these fellas:

After a brisk walk to warm- and wake up my body I did my Tone it up HIIT workout followed by a relaxing yoga session:


I then got to use my newest ‘gadget’ – the infamous poached egg maker. Now if you’re like me rubbish at making these delicious eggs without a little help you must try this little fella:


It resulted in this – the perfect start to my day off:


What does your perfect morning look like?

New home, new fitness routine

With a house move comes a bit of a shake up to your daily routine and this includes my daily fitness programme too.

I’ve been incredibly lucky that in the five years I’ve worked in London I’ve been able to walk to work. My first internship was 20 minutes from my home, my first job was a bare 15 minutes away and my second one was just 30 minutes walk. So when I knew we’d be moving and I would become a commuter a slight panic set in – how am I going to keep up my daily cardio? Will I become fat? Is there anywhere good for a run? Etc. I was a bit like this, pink and all:


So in the months before we moved I decided to start working up a new routine and in a bid to also save money I quit the gym and found other things to do. My biggest advice is to mix your routine up, firstly to avoid getting bored and secondly to keep your muscles guessing!

So this is what I do:
– Start the morning with a yoga session, if you’ve already read get up and do what you want to do you know that Rodney Yee’s am yoga for the week is an absolute winner
– Enjoy a bit of girlie fun and awesome workouts with the Tone It Up girls. Their Beach Babe DVDs offer incredible 15-40 minutes exercises which will make you stronger, leaner and honestly feel fantastic
– Do HIIT (high insensitive interval training) routines – they burn calories, get your heart racing and you will sweat out all the bad stuff. Tabata is great too and I get inspiration from sources such as Pumps Iron
– Take your runs outside and mix them up with sprint sessions! My fav Welsh lady over at Let Her Eat Clean have taught be some awesome ones including 10 x 200m sprints, 4 x 400m sprints and the ultimate lower body routine of 3 rounds of 24 squats, 24 lunges, 12 jumping squats & 12 jumping lunges – you need to try this one, you will not be able to walk the next day 🙂

So far I’ve loved my new routine and I am not in any way missing the gym. All you need is just a bit of kit:


I’ve seen progress and cannot wait to get into my bikini in just over a week’s time!

What’s your favourite exercise routine?

Rebranding life?

If you follow me on Instagram or on Twitter you’ve seen that I’ve been on my annual company bootcamp in Madrid – check out team consumer, they all rock!


As the awesome new branding was unveiled I got excited! I also came to realise that whatever you decide to do at work, in your personal time or just in life in general as long as it makes you think and inspires further avenues it is worthwhile and most important fun and exciting!

As the branding was designed with the people in mind I couldn’t help but think about re-branding my own life a little bit. I started (and I’m still completing) a list of who I am, what makes me happy and where I see myself going – you should honestly test it for yourself!
As you know by now, I strive for better and bigger things that makes me feel that I’ve achieved and learned something for me.

So in true pickled herring style it all started with detoxing and an epic yoga workout – here’s to further inspiration and a great FY15!

Get up and do what you want to do!

We’re already six months (and a bit) into 2014, scary I know!

Being in an industry where we already talk about Christmas and January 2015 in January 2014 I decided early on that I would make the most of the year we ‘re actually in.

Prioritising myself is potentially the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m not going to say it has been easy and when I talk to people this seemingly obvious thing is for some reason the hardest thing to keep up.

So what can you do? Well I did the following, see if it works for you:

Use nature as therapy
Having spent three months of my childhood at the beach every summer in Denmark the ultimate escape for me is the outdoors. Luckily my crazy other half Welly loves the outdoors too so as I tried to recreate (or at least re-doodle) what I love I’m sharing what happened.

Well I caught my first fish (admittedly this was with Welly’s new birthday rods but ya know):


I took my runs, sprints and interval training outside – having run a half marathon in falling snow nothing beats the fresh wind against your skin!

However the coolest thing I’ve done was taking up kayaking – the people at Herts Young Mariners Base were absolutely brilliant! I still have lots to learn but who knew it could be so hard to paddle in a straight line?!


Took the ocean by storm
Well not really but I faced my seasickness fears and went sailing on the longest day of the year – it was pretty epic:

Took up yoga
It’s safe to say that 2014 has been one of the most stressful years of my life and I would probably say yoga saved me physically and mentally. I cannot recommend Rodney Yee’s A.M. Yoga for your week more. Its five 20 minute workouts are varied and never get boring. This was the day I started:


These are just a few of the activities that have made me full of excitement this year so far and I hope I’ve inspired you to take up something new and prioritise yourself!

What do you do that makes you happy?