Discovering that gardening is therapeutic 

Our house on the lake is still a place I look forward to returning to after a day at work and I still can’t quite believe it’s ours. As you know we’ve been doing lots of DIY on our little gem and although there is still lots to do it’s spring and that means our DIY takes us outside!

One of the essentials when we were looking for houses was an outdoor space and we’re lucky that we have 33 meters of garden at the back of the house:  

Its actually quite difficult to design a garden that’s that long and narrow (I know, first world problems) but we’ve decided to divide it up into four parts – a patio, a classic english garden, a herb garden and an outdoor kitchen. Again Pinterest has become an absolute obsession, it’s very easy to get carried away 😉 

However, we’ve started with the classic English garden, which we dug out to fit beautiful lavenders, box hedging, hydrangeas and hornbeam:

A few before and after photos:   

               In total we planted 180 box hedges but being outdoors, sitting in the sunshine and letting your mind run wild is actually quite therapeutic. Although I had a lot of this:   Finishing one section of the garden gives you a real sense of achievement and puts us one step closer to finishing our project, which puts a big smile on my face 🙂 

What’s your spring project?

The house on the lake

The other thing on my so-called high reaching to-do list for 2014 was buying a house.

I had told myself this was going to be the most exciting and romantic thing Welly and I would ever do – wrong, it has been anything but! I could pretend that no one ever told us how hard it was going to be, many did but it was just that I/we didn’t quite listen.

In a market where the house prices are higher than ever being a first time buyer isn’t the best scenario anymore as it seems everyone is. We lost out more times than I care to remember but thankfully with encouraging and ever-positive friends like my fave Michigan gal over at The House Called Abe , parents/in-laws and lots of proseco and karaoke with my Sister we got over it and stayed positive – this was a tough day 😉


Eventually our search took us to ‘the house on the lake’ with a garden to match and we were smitten! Now this was when that bit of romance that I had made up this process to be started (plus the day dreaming, impassion frustration, love of wooden windows and absolute obsession with Pinterest ).

As we await all the paperwork to go through I want everything but I’m not quite sure this one will fit in:


What’s your favourite site for furniture inspiration?