Eating right – getting inspiration

If you follow this blog you know that eating natural comes naturally to me and I do enjoy a good cooking session!

I love everything from quinoa to a perfect salmon and enjoy indulging in delicious, healthy and nourishing meals. However, sometimes finding inspiration to try new flavour combinations can be hard – especially when you’re in a busy job with long hours to match.

I for one refuse to let this be an excuse and make sure I have time to do what Benefits me and my body. Try some of these easy tips and I promise you’ll be inspired to cook something different tomorrow:
– Stock up on different cookbooks with food from different cultures. I own everything from Gwyneth Paltrow’s It’s all good and Nigellisima to Jamie’s 15 minute meals and red velvet chocolate heartache – all do incredible tasty recipes, which will keep your digestive system guessing:
– Find the right blogs for you! I would highly recommend Smitten kitchen, Deliciously Ella or the Natural Kitchen. There’s so many out there so next time try something else than BBC Food
– Use Pinterest. I’m a big fan of the app and many think it’s just for furniture ideas but it in fact has a wealth of other content including healthy recipes to die for. I particularly love this pinHow to make the perfect kale salad which I’ve pinned to my own Food Board – yum
– Ask your family. Both my parents have always been passionate about cooking and our kitchen was always multicultural and never boring! My dad makes incredible potato salad with meatballs whilst my mum does a mean meatloaf. One of my most precious items is a cookbook with all my childhood recipes my mum made my twinnie and I for our 19th birthday before we moved away from home and over to London – now that’s proper heartwarming nostalgic food

Do you have any tips for how to find inspiration?

All natural beauty secrets

Part of the joys and absolute delights of having my own kitchen is being able to work up some cracking natural beauty treatments.

As you know by now I’m pretty keen on living a natural healthy existence as best possible and I wanted to share some of my favourite natural beauty secrets with you!

I’m a big fan of Tone It Up as they focus on clean eating, offer great exercise routines and also suggest beauty tips to look your best. This is one of my favourites for a healthy glow:


On the other hand I am absolutely obsessed with coconut oil whether it’s for cooking or for use as body lotion. However, when I found 17 beauty uses for coconut oil I couldn’t resist testing it out – I swear to you they are all amazing:


And this puffy eye cream is one concoction I can’t wait to try.


Have a go and come back to share your experiences 🙂 enjoy!

For the love of tea

If you already know me or follow me on Twitter then you know I have an obsession (I would say a healthy one – sissy don’t object) with herbal teas, especially those of the green variety!

I am a firm believer in the fact that a cuppa no matter what variety can solve pretty much anything and everything!

Therefore I always start my day with a cup of green tea – I especially love Teapigs Yerba mate tea – its smooth and almost sweet flavour acts as a natural energiser and sets me up for the day. I especially find it delightful after my morning exercise!

Here’s one I had earlier 🙂


You can therefore also understand my delight when my dear friend and fellow lover of all things natural over at Bliss Out NYC dropped off all her delightful teas before moving to NYC at seven months pregnant (superwoman!). I’ve decided that when we move to the ‘house on the lake’ I am getting a tea cupboard big enough to hold these (just don’t tell Welly):


However, sometimes nothing beats a good old English cuppa and if you throw in the outdoors and a view you’re pretty much sorted:


Want to start a tea club? I’m definitely there!

Natural comes naturally – breakfast

Part of staying on top of my game as well as prioritising and taking care of myself is to eat a diet of natural foods that bring me energy and joy!

Having been raised on a Scandinavian diet of fish, meat, rye bread, oats and plenty of fruit and veg eating natural whole foods come naturally to me.

It’s never been trendier to be healthy (thank goodness) and my favourite Welch lass over at let her eat clean and I have enjoyed many great talks over rye bread, avocado and smoked salmon.

In order to have energy to do what I want to do I always try and start my day with a protein rich breakfast.

I can find it hard to be creative during breakfast time and know that many get bored of the seemingly uninspiring choices out there. I completely get it but I try to be a bit creative and so I want to share some must-try ideas with you.

Give these a go and I promise you’ll feel great:
– Toasted rye bread with cottage cheese, avocado and tomato
– Soft boiled egg with spinach, avocado and a bit of chilli
– porridge with almond milk, flaxseed and blueberries
– Greek yogurt with chai seed, honey and fresh strawberries
– Turkish inspired omelette with olives, tomatoes and a bit of halluomi on the side:


For a healthy celebratory inspiration and perhaps an alternative to the Great British fry up try this meal which we had for my mum’s birthday breakfast (it includes champagne whoop):

And if you have a bit more time or just want to be creative I would highly recommend the Protein Loving Veggie’s free breakfast guide – yum! However, sometimes when I have a super busy week I make sure I boil some eggs, keep them in the fridge and have them along with Avocado and tomato purée – that’s my express go-to favourite!

What’s your favourite healthy breakfast?