Eating right – getting inspiration

If you follow this blog you know that eating natural comes naturally to me and I do enjoy a good cooking session!

I love everything from quinoa to a perfect salmon and enjoy indulging in delicious, healthy and nourishing meals. However, sometimes finding inspiration to try new flavour combinations can be hard – especially when you’re in a busy job with long hours to match.

I for one refuse to let this be an excuse and make sure I have time to do what Benefits me and my body. Try some of these easy tips and I promise you’ll be inspired to cook something different tomorrow:
– Stock up on different cookbooks with food from different cultures. I own everything from Gwyneth Paltrow’s It’s all good and Nigellisima to Jamie’s 15 minute meals and red velvet chocolate heartache – all do incredible tasty recipes, which will keep your digestive system guessing:
– Find the right blogs for you! I would highly recommend Smitten kitchen, Deliciously Ella or the Natural Kitchen. There’s so many out there so next time try something else than BBC Food
– Use Pinterest. I’m a big fan of the app and many think it’s just for furniture ideas but it in fact has a wealth of other content including healthy recipes to die for. I particularly love this pinHow to make the perfect kale salad which I’ve pinned to my own Food Board – yum
– Ask your family. Both my parents have always been passionate about cooking and our kitchen was always multicultural and never boring! My dad makes incredible potato salad with meatballs whilst my mum does a mean meatloaf. One of my most precious items is a cookbook with all my childhood recipes my mum made my twinnie and I for our 19th birthday before we moved away from home and over to London – now that’s proper heartwarming nostalgic food

Do you have any tips for how to find inspiration?

My morning boost – a little bit of juice

There has been a lot of controversy over the juicing trend and whether it’s a fad or not. However, as I agree with not letting juices replace meals I believe the right one creates the perfect start to the day!

I started making juices a good five months ago when I wanted to up my intake of greens, the citrus fam and general loving vegetables. Man, did I quickly get the natural boost I was after!

First thing’s first – get a good juicer! You don’t want to have to cut, chop or peel you veg and fruit as it’s time consuming and a bit messy (especially if it’s beetroot) – I went for the Phillips juicer:


Secondly make sure you get hold of organic fresh produce or wash your items well ahead of juicing. For citrus fruits buy the unwaxed ones – I love the colours:


Thirdly mix it up and don’t be afraid of trying your luck (I’ve made some disasters but ya know it’s all goodness so just drink it quickly 🙂 ) – some ideas:
-kale, lime, carot, cucumber, ginger
-lemon, kale, beetroot, cucumber, ginger
-lime, ginger, kale, apple
-orange, beetroot, ginger, kale, lemon

I personally love kale and feel that it gives my skin a nice glow. I use ginger as a wake up boost instead of coffee and I get an extra spring in my step.


I have my juice with my breakfast past workout, which adds a colourful start to the day 🙂


How do you start your day?