My morning boost – a little bit of juice

There has been a lot of controversy over the juicing trend and whether it’s a fad or not. However, as I agree with not letting juices replace meals I believe the right one creates the perfect start to the day!

I started making juices a good five months ago when I wanted to up my intake of greens, the citrus fam and general loving vegetables. Man, did I quickly get the natural boost I was after!

First thing’s first – get a good juicer! You don’t want to have to cut, chop or peel you veg and fruit as it’s time consuming and a bit messy (especially if it’s beetroot) – I went for the Phillips juicer:


Secondly make sure you get hold of organic fresh produce or wash your items well ahead of juicing. For citrus fruits buy the unwaxed ones – I love the colours:


Thirdly mix it up and don’t be afraid of trying your luck (I’ve made some disasters but ya know it’s all goodness so just drink it quickly 🙂 ) – some ideas:
-kale, lime, carot, cucumber, ginger
-lemon, kale, beetroot, cucumber, ginger
-lime, ginger, kale, apple
-orange, beetroot, ginger, kale, lemon

I personally love kale and feel that it gives my skin a nice glow. I use ginger as a wake up boost instead of coffee and I get an extra spring in my step.


I have my juice with my breakfast past workout, which adds a colourful start to the day 🙂


How do you start your day?