Home decor – Inspiration from other countries

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog you’ll know that Welly and I became homeowners to our little gem the house on the lake

Coming home to our own house was incredible and actually quite romantic. There is a certain excitement that comes with knowing something is yours to do with what you want and our project doesn’t let us down! We’ve already started decorating our pad however, being in another country can inspire new ideas and intrigue design.

I love the colours of the bench against the brick, I love the wood and the rustic love affair:

However, on the other side the flowers bring life, wonderful smells and colours into a room or a space:


However, we’re just about to take the wall paper down – it’s actually exciting as I will no longer wake up to oversized flowers on my beloved fireplace:


This bank holiday I can’t wait to get properly started and really make our gem come to life!


Everyone needs a holiday – appreciation

It’s often said that taking time off from work, especially when you work in an always-busy environment, can leave you feeling full of guilt. To my own dissatisfaction I must admit that I’m one of those people.

I admit that I get a kick out of being busy, I love always being on the go, making sure I do my exercise/fitness and fill my days with things that make me feel like I make the most of them.

However, after reflecting on a year that’s been far from what I anticipated I decided this holiday was going to be different – I wanted to fill my days with relaxation, laughs, sunshine and let my always-busy mind get used to the slow(er) pace.

So what did I do? Well if you’re like me or if you just enjoy the ‘good life’ I’d urge you to try the following:

– Surround yourself with people who don’t take themselves too seriously, they’ll make you laugh till your tummy hurts (trust me, I couldn’t flex my muscles the next day). I mean this is basically the theme-tune to the holiday: baby monkey riding on a pig

– Read the books you want to read! It’s easy to convince yourself that you don’t have time to read during the week but on holiday you have no excuse – I would highly recommend Return to Mandalay or if you want a good laugh go for The stars’ tennis balls

– Use local ingredients and cook your heart out! We made full use of the BBQ and marinated meats from the local butchers whilst chopping meters of delicious fresh veg:


– Taste the local wine! It appeared that Italy is a bit empty in August and as we stayed in a remote village we had to go on the search for wine as the ‘usual place’ was closed for the month. However after trying to ask for help in our best Italian we came away with 12 litres of wine, which we fully enjoyed:


– Enjoy your time in the sunshine (use sun lotion – I’m all about SPF 50). Enjoy every second of it and whilst you’re at it appreciate life, your health, your friends and yourself:


What is the one thing that makes a holiday for you?

Eating right – getting inspiration

If you follow this blog you know that eating natural comes naturally to me and I do enjoy a good cooking session!

I love everything from quinoa to a perfect salmon and enjoy indulging in delicious, healthy and nourishing meals. However, sometimes finding inspiration to try new flavour combinations can be hard – especially when you’re in a busy job with long hours to match.

I for one refuse to let this be an excuse and make sure I have time to do what Benefits me and my body. Try some of these easy tips and I promise you’ll be inspired to cook something different tomorrow:
– Stock up on different cookbooks with food from different cultures. I own everything from Gwyneth Paltrow’s It’s all good and Nigellisima to Jamie’s 15 minute meals and red velvet chocolate heartache – all do incredible tasty recipes, which will keep your digestive system guessing:
– Find the right blogs for you! I would highly recommend Smitten kitchen, Deliciously Ella or the Natural Kitchen. There’s so many out there so next time try something else than BBC Food
– Use Pinterest. I’m a big fan of the app and many think it’s just for furniture ideas but it in fact has a wealth of other content including healthy recipes to die for. I particularly love this pinHow to make the perfect kale salad which I’ve pinned to my own Food Board – yum
– Ask your family. Both my parents have always been passionate about cooking and our kitchen was always multicultural and never boring! My dad makes incredible potato salad with meatballs whilst my mum does a mean meatloaf. One of my most precious items is a cookbook with all my childhood recipes my mum made my twinnie and I for our 19th birthday before we moved away from home and over to London – now that’s proper heartwarming nostalgic food

Do you have any tips for how to find inspiration?

Rebranding life?

If you follow me on Instagram or on Twitter you’ve seen that I’ve been on my annual company bootcamp in Madrid – check out team consumer, they all rock!


As the awesome new branding was unveiled I got excited! I also came to realise that whatever you decide to do at work, in your personal time or just in life in general as long as it makes you think and inspires further avenues it is worthwhile and most important fun and exciting!

As the branding was designed with the people in mind I couldn’t help but think about re-branding my own life a little bit. I started (and I’m still completing) a list of who I am, what makes me happy and where I see myself going – you should honestly test it for yourself!
As you know by now, I strive for better and bigger things that makes me feel that I’ve achieved and learned something for me.

So in true pickled herring style it all started with detoxing and an epic yoga workout – here’s to further inspiration and a great FY15!

A proud fisherman’s gf

If you’ve already read my Get up and do what you want to do! blog post you know I’m on a mission to get out there and achieve awesome things for myself.

But a girl needs inspiration and for the past two and a half years I’ve see something pretty amazing unfold. You’ve heard about Welly and his love of fishing but what you should also know is that he set up his own company Zing events with his pal Charlie.

I used to look at entrepreneurs and think ‘how do they do it?’ – the lack of financial security, stress when things don’t go to plan, constant outgoings etc and in a sense I still do. However, seeing Welly go through ups and downs but bouncing back up, his courage, enthusiasm, strive and just general positive attitude is something to admire!

I’ve always been proud of him and it’s safe to say that when they helped J.Moore win PA of the Year Award in Independent Event category 2014 I smiled a lot 🙂

It has reinstated for me that if you know what you want, get up and do it with a smile – the good things in life never come easy but who cares, it’s so worth working for!

Big high five to the dude who licked my face and found it hilarious (sometimes it is also about the small things in life).


The house on the lake

The other thing on my so-called high reaching to-do list for 2014 was buying a house.

I had told myself this was going to be the most exciting and romantic thing Welly and I would ever do – wrong, it has been anything but! I could pretend that no one ever told us how hard it was going to be, many did but it was just that I/we didn’t quite listen.

In a market where the house prices are higher than ever being a first time buyer isn’t the best scenario anymore as it seems everyone is. We lost out more times than I care to remember but thankfully with encouraging and ever-positive friends like my fave Michigan gal over at The House Called Abe , parents/in-laws and lots of proseco and karaoke with my Sister we got over it and stayed positive – this was a tough day 😉


Eventually our search took us to ‘the house on the lake’ with a garden to match and we were smitten! Now this was when that bit of romance that I had made up this process to be started (plus the day dreaming, impassion frustration, love of wooden windows and absolute obsession with Pinterest ).

As we await all the paperwork to go through I want everything but I’m not quite sure this one will fit in:


What’s your favourite site for furniture inspiration?