The fruit of our labour – eating what nature has on offer

The whole idea of moving to the house on the lake was to enjoy the outdoors a bit more, live a healthier and happier lifestyle and have more space. We have all of this but what I didn’t foresee was all the wonderful fresh food readily available on our doorstep – by the way, this is now our doorstep ;-):

As you know from my recent thoughts on how to destress during the evenings I love I good walk around the lake. Recently I’ve indulged in these tasty blackberries:

IMG_1653.JPG which I incorporated into my breakfast (yum):


These delicious little plumbs were a welcome surprise and were enjoyed as a snack:


However most incredible of all was these delicious crayfish, which Welly turned into an oh so tasty pasta dish with a crayfish bisque:


Knowing that the nature around us is so full of life and goodness makes me even more aware of how important it is to be living an eco friendly lifestyle and using natural products!

I can’t wait to see what else is around the corner as the seasons change.

To fitbit or not to fitbit – the question I’ve been asking myself lately

The newest tech and gadgets have always been a thing of mine. I just love getting the first look at everything, which is probably why I ended up in the tech industry!

As you know I love my fitness and I enjoy seeing progress, feeling great and almost in a sense compete with myself in my progress. It probably comes as no surprise that I love wearable tech and the digital health industry – it truly has become a passion of mine.

I have never hidden the fact that I love my fitbit – I used to have it on me constantly through my half marathon training, my walks to work and basically everywhere I went. And the day I accidentally ‘killed’ my device was a bit of a bummer!

However, as I’ve gotten used to simply walking, exercising and living without it I’ve been thinking a lot about the pros and cons of such devices so here goes:

– it’s a great motivator, I always wanted to take more steps and it made me make an effort to leave my desk and go out for a walk at lunch
– it’s a great tool to learn about yourself and how much you move in your daily life
– if you are training for a challenge you will love it, I loved seeing how fast I improved
– it’s fun competing against others, we have a company chart and it does for great conversations

– the passion becomes an obsession and you can feel a bit irritated if you haven’t reached your goal
– you compete against yourself, really is that healthy in the long run?
– do you become naturally active or does it become a chore?
– other people have your data, it’s like Big Brother

I’m still incredibly fascinated with the whole industry but questions do creep up sometimes, which I’m not sure I can yet answer…

What are your thought on wearable technology?

Everyone needs a holiday – appreciation

It’s often said that taking time off from work, especially when you work in an always-busy environment, can leave you feeling full of guilt. To my own dissatisfaction I must admit that I’m one of those people.

I admit that I get a kick out of being busy, I love always being on the go, making sure I do my exercise/fitness and fill my days with things that make me feel like I make the most of them.

However, after reflecting on a year that’s been far from what I anticipated I decided this holiday was going to be different – I wanted to fill my days with relaxation, laughs, sunshine and let my always-busy mind get used to the slow(er) pace.

So what did I do? Well if you’re like me or if you just enjoy the ‘good life’ I’d urge you to try the following:

– Surround yourself with people who don’t take themselves too seriously, they’ll make you laugh till your tummy hurts (trust me, I couldn’t flex my muscles the next day). I mean this is basically the theme-tune to the holiday: baby monkey riding on a pig

– Read the books you want to read! It’s easy to convince yourself that you don’t have time to read during the week but on holiday you have no excuse – I would highly recommend Return to Mandalay or if you want a good laugh go for The stars’ tennis balls

– Use local ingredients and cook your heart out! We made full use of the BBQ and marinated meats from the local butchers whilst chopping meters of delicious fresh veg:


– Taste the local wine! It appeared that Italy is a bit empty in August and as we stayed in a remote village we had to go on the search for wine as the ‘usual place’ was closed for the month. However after trying to ask for help in our best Italian we came away with 12 litres of wine, which we fully enjoyed:


– Enjoy your time in the sunshine (use sun lotion – I’m all about SPF 50). Enjoy every second of it and whilst you’re at it appreciate life, your health, your friends and yourself:


What is the one thing that makes a holiday for you?