To fitbit or not to fitbit – the question I’ve been asking myself lately

The newest tech and gadgets have always been a thing of mine. I just love getting the first look at everything, which is probably why I ended up in the tech industry!

As you know I love my fitness and I enjoy seeing progress, feeling great and almost in a sense compete with myself in my progress. It probably comes as no surprise that I love wearable tech and the digital health industry – it truly has become a passion of mine.

I have never hidden the fact that I love my fitbit – I used to have it on me constantly through my half marathon training, my walks to work and basically everywhere I went. And the day I accidentally ‘killed’ my device was a bit of a bummer!

However, as I’ve gotten used to simply walking, exercising and living without it I’ve been thinking a lot about the pros and cons of such devices so here goes:

– it’s a great motivator, I always wanted to take more steps and it made me make an effort to leave my desk and go out for a walk at lunch
– it’s a great tool to learn about yourself and how much you move in your daily life
– if you are training for a challenge you will love it, I loved seeing how fast I improved
– it’s fun competing against others, we have a company chart and it does for great conversations

– the passion becomes an obsession and you can feel a bit irritated if you haven’t reached your goal
– you compete against yourself, really is that healthy in the long run?
– do you become naturally active or does it become a chore?
– other people have your data, it’s like Big Brother

I’m still incredibly fascinated with the whole industry but questions do creep up sometimes, which I’m not sure I can yet answer…

What are your thought on wearable technology?