To fitbit or not to fitbit – the question I’ve been asking myself lately

The newest tech and gadgets have always been a thing of mine. I just love getting the first look at everything, which is probably why I ended up in the tech industry!

As you know I love my fitness and I enjoy seeing progress, feeling great and almost in a sense compete with myself in my progress. It probably comes as no surprise that I love wearable tech and the digital health industry – it truly has become a passion of mine.

I have never hidden the fact that I love my fitbit – I used to have it on me constantly through my half marathon training, my walks to work and basically everywhere I went. And the day I accidentally ‘killed’ my device was a bit of a bummer!

However, as I’ve gotten used to simply walking, exercising and living without it I’ve been thinking a lot about the pros and cons of such devices so here goes:

– it’s a great motivator, I always wanted to take more steps and it made me make an effort to leave my desk and go out for a walk at lunch
– it’s a great tool to learn about yourself and how much you move in your daily life
– if you are training for a challenge you will love it, I loved seeing how fast I improved
– it’s fun competing against others, we have a company chart and it does for great conversations

– the passion becomes an obsession and you can feel a bit irritated if you haven’t reached your goal
– you compete against yourself, really is that healthy in the long run?
– do you become naturally active or does it become a chore?
– other people have your data, it’s like Big Brother

I’m still incredibly fascinated with the whole industry but questions do creep up sometimes, which I’m not sure I can yet answer…

What are your thought on wearable technology?


New home, new fitness routine

With a house move comes a bit of a shake up to your daily routine and this includes my daily fitness programme too.

I’ve been incredibly lucky that in the five years I’ve worked in London I’ve been able to walk to work. My first internship was 20 minutes from my home, my first job was a bare 15 minutes away and my second one was just 30 minutes walk. So when I knew we’d be moving and I would become a commuter a slight panic set in – how am I going to keep up my daily cardio? Will I become fat? Is there anywhere good for a run? Etc. I was a bit like this, pink and all:


So in the months before we moved I decided to start working up a new routine and in a bid to also save money I quit the gym and found other things to do. My biggest advice is to mix your routine up, firstly to avoid getting bored and secondly to keep your muscles guessing!

So this is what I do:
– Start the morning with a yoga session, if you’ve already read get up and do what you want to do you know that Rodney Yee’s am yoga for the week is an absolute winner
– Enjoy a bit of girlie fun and awesome workouts with the Tone It Up girls. Their Beach Babe DVDs offer incredible 15-40 minutes exercises which will make you stronger, leaner and honestly feel fantastic
– Do HIIT (high insensitive interval training) routines – they burn calories, get your heart racing and you will sweat out all the bad stuff. Tabata is great too and I get inspiration from sources such as Pumps Iron
– Take your runs outside and mix them up with sprint sessions! My fav Welsh lady over at Let Her Eat Clean have taught be some awesome ones including 10 x 200m sprints, 4 x 400m sprints and the ultimate lower body routine of 3 rounds of 24 squats, 24 lunges, 12 jumping squats & 12 jumping lunges – you need to try this one, you will not be able to walk the next day 🙂

So far I’ve loved my new routine and I am not in any way missing the gym. All you need is just a bit of kit:


I’ve seen progress and cannot wait to get into my bikini in just over a week’s time!

What’s your favourite exercise routine?