About me – a pickled herring

Reflecting on what this blog is about I guess I’m finally getting around to writing a diary of life as this year has passed by in a bit of a haze.

I’ve pretty much achieved everything I set out to achieve as a young girl with the help of the greatest support system a gal can ask for. Each and every year of my life has truly been life changing in one way or another.

The strange thing is that I feel the best, the hardest and perhaps the most testing and rewarding years of this pickled herring’s life is yet to come.

So as I juggle, giggle and hopefully sizzle I am determined to do it with a positive attitude, a love for my health and a passion for all things I love with the people I can’t live without.

No matter what life throws at me I will do yoga, smile and eat herring – what you see is what you get, just add onion.



One thought on “About me – a pickled herring

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