Vegan Beetroot Veggie Burgers with Dill Sauce

Welly and I we’re talking about having one day a week where we eat no meat or fish to be kinder to nature and help sustainability in this world of overfishing, overbreeding and general mishandling of animals.

In essence we want to be a bit more food smart. Therefore I’ve been doing some research on the matter as I want to make sure we still get protein and all the nutrition packed in our meals.

I stumbled upon this blog and found this lovely vegan burger that packs a punch in all directions – I can’t wait to try it 🙂

DIY can actually be quite relaxing…

DIY is often said to be the make or break of a relationship and I’m definitely not about to say that my experience has been blissful and romantic – it has not…

Now that’s out of the way I want to make my point. DIY can be quite relaxing when you’re waiting for the next step – such as varnishing your newly sanded wooden floor – after and before the sanding:
Welly did an amazing job with the floor and my job on my day off this week was to varnish it, sand it and varnish it again. Now this might seem like quite a lot of work and it is BUT there is quite a lot of waiting around in between to allow the varnish to dry and the dust to settle.

So what did I do to entertain myself in between?
– Absolutely nothing 🙂 well I watched lots of cooking programmes, drank lots of tea and got even more excited about Christmas

I’m pretty happy with the final result and can’t wait to crack on with the next room. The countdown for Christmas is on!