Mindful approaches to positive nutritional change

This is food for thought! Our thinking around food is often distorted and sometimes can be a dangerous and damaging mental game. Ruth is one of my favourite bloggers and people on this crazy planet – definitely worth a read if you want to alter the way you fit food into your life and the way you think about ‘meal time’!

Let Her Eat Clean

Right before holiday I attended Katie Sheen’s truly brilliant course on Mindful approaches to positive nutritional change. It was six and a half hours of light bulb moments and metaphorical jumping up and down in agreement with a resounding series of internal “yes, yes, yes-es!” It was a wonderful continuation of my mindfulness journey.

The course made a big impact and allowed me to have one of my most enjoyable holidays yet. A week of treating myself, a week of next to no guilt, a week of thinking about and appreciating every mouthful of French deliciousness that passed my lips. Here are just some of the culinary highlights from our week in France:


Katie is wonderful; an honest, open character who brings bagfuls of personal and anecdotal experience to her sessions as well as the confirmation that she’s no purist and can’t be left alone with a box of Fondant Fancies.

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