Eco friendly living

I’ve always been eco conscious and being a Dane abroad and seeing Denmark win green European capital of 2014 made me want to be even greener!

I’m determined to make our house Eco friendly, be kinder to my own skin and protect nature and waterways. Making the house on the lake into a ‘green’ house takes a little bit of reading and so my obsessing with Pinterest grows everyday! I’m of course hoping to look a bit like this whilst cleaning my new home, ahem:


When talking to others I realise that an obstacle to buying eco friendly products (I love Ecover) from the supermarkets is that they can be quite pricey however with some creative thinking and a little bit of elbow grease it’s actually a lot cheaper and more satisfying to create your own from natural ingredients.

Think about showering without unknown chemicals – I love this recipe from savvy sugar plus they have great budget tips too:

And why not try this one too while you’re at it:

Or the drain cleaner and air freshened from Brightnest :


It is becoming more and more difficult to live a natural life with hidden chemicals in everything from food to paint so sometimes it’s nice to take matters into your own hand and create a better environment for yourself and the people around you!

What’s your top tip for an eco friendly home?

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