A proud fisherman’s gf

If you’ve already read my Get up and do what you want to do! blog post you know I’m on a mission to get out there and achieve awesome things for myself.

But a girl needs inspiration and for the past two and a half years I’ve see something pretty amazing unfold. You’ve heard about Welly and his love of fishing but what you should also know is that he set up his own company Zing events with his pal Charlie.

I used to look at entrepreneurs and think ‘how do they do it?’ – the lack of financial security, stress when things don’t go to plan, constant outgoings etc and in a sense I still do. However, seeing Welly go through ups and downs but bouncing back up, his courage, enthusiasm, strive and just general positive attitude is something to admire!

I’ve always been proud of him and it’s safe to say that when they helped J.Moore win PA of the Year Award in Independent Event category 2014 I smiled a lot 🙂

It has reinstated for me that if you know what you want, get up and do it with a smile – the good things in life never come easy but who cares, it’s so worth working for!

Big high five to the dude who licked my face and found it hilarious (sometimes it is also about the small things in life).


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