All natural beauty secrets

Part of the joys and absolute delights of having my own kitchen is being able to work up some cracking natural beauty treatments.

As you know by now I’m pretty keen on living a natural healthy existence as best possible and I wanted to share some of my favourite natural beauty secrets with you!

I’m a big fan of Tone It Up as they focus on clean eating, offer great exercise routines and also suggest beauty tips to look your best. This is one of my favourites for a healthy glow:


On the other hand I am absolutely obsessed with coconut oil whether it’s for cooking or for use as body lotion. However, when I found 17 beauty uses for coconut oil I couldn’t resist testing it out – I swear to you they are all amazing:


And this puffy eye cream is one concoction I can’t wait to try.


Have a go and come back to share your experiences 🙂 enjoy!


Eco friendly living

I’ve always been eco conscious and being a Dane abroad and seeing Denmark win green European capital of 2014 made me want to be even greener!

I’m determined to make our house Eco friendly, be kinder to my own skin and protect nature and waterways. Making the house on the lake into a ‘green’ house takes a little bit of reading and so my obsessing with Pinterest grows everyday! I’m of course hoping to look a bit like this whilst cleaning my new home, ahem:


When talking to others I realise that an obstacle to buying eco friendly products (I love Ecover) from the supermarkets is that they can be quite pricey however with some creative thinking and a little bit of elbow grease it’s actually a lot cheaper and more satisfying to create your own from natural ingredients.

Think about showering without unknown chemicals – I love this recipe from savvy sugar plus they have great budget tips too:

And why not try this one too while you’re at it:

Or the drain cleaner and air freshened from Brightnest :


It is becoming more and more difficult to live a natural life with hidden chemicals in everything from food to paint so sometimes it’s nice to take matters into your own hand and create a better environment for yourself and the people around you!

What’s your top tip for an eco friendly home?

Packing up our lives

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog you’ll know that I’ve fallen in love with the house on the lake and this is the last weekend in our old house before we move!

Actually having bought your first house is incredibly exciting and something at just 26 I’m pretty proud that I am able to do.

However, what I didn’t plan for was how overwhelmed I’ve been feeling about the whole thing. You see, this dream that I’ve had for so long and that I’ve been saving for, for so long has finally come true and now it’s time to pack my old life up and move to the next stage in life – a snapshot of my life:


I don’t in any way feel sad but packing everything up makes it all real – FYI I’m one of those people who needs to see it to believe it. For everyone who knows me when I pack my gym kit I’m not messing around:


So as I pack up the first place Welly and I called ‘home’ I can’t wait to make our new place a proper home just the two of us!

Oh and yes I’ve realised that the perks of packing is when you find all your old Oyster cards you’ve run around like a headless chicken looking for in the past – winning!


My morning boost – a little bit of juice

There has been a lot of controversy over the juicing trend and whether it’s a fad or not. However, as I agree with not letting juices replace meals I believe the right one creates the perfect start to the day!

I started making juices a good five months ago when I wanted to up my intake of greens, the citrus fam and general loving vegetables. Man, did I quickly get the natural boost I was after!

First thing’s first – get a good juicer! You don’t want to have to cut, chop or peel you veg and fruit as it’s time consuming and a bit messy (especially if it’s beetroot) – I went for the Phillips juicer:


Secondly make sure you get hold of organic fresh produce or wash your items well ahead of juicing. For citrus fruits buy the unwaxed ones – I love the colours:


Thirdly mix it up and don’t be afraid of trying your luck (I’ve made some disasters but ya know it’s all goodness so just drink it quickly 🙂 ) – some ideas:
-kale, lime, carot, cucumber, ginger
-lemon, kale, beetroot, cucumber, ginger
-lime, ginger, kale, apple
-orange, beetroot, ginger, kale, lemon

I personally love kale and feel that it gives my skin a nice glow. I use ginger as a wake up boost instead of coffee and I get an extra spring in my step.


I have my juice with my breakfast past workout, which adds a colourful start to the day 🙂


How do you start your day?

Rebranding life?

If you follow me on Instagram or on Twitter you’ve seen that I’ve been on my annual company bootcamp in Madrid – check out team consumer, they all rock!


As the awesome new branding was unveiled I got excited! I also came to realise that whatever you decide to do at work, in your personal time or just in life in general as long as it makes you think and inspires further avenues it is worthwhile and most important fun and exciting!

As the branding was designed with the people in mind I couldn’t help but think about re-branding my own life a little bit. I started (and I’m still completing) a list of who I am, what makes me happy and where I see myself going – you should honestly test it for yourself!
As you know by now, I strive for better and bigger things that makes me feel that I’ve achieved and learned something for me.

So in true pickled herring style it all started with detoxing and an epic yoga workout – here’s to further inspiration and a great FY15!

A proud fisherman’s gf

If you’ve already read my Get up and do what you want to do! blog post you know I’m on a mission to get out there and achieve awesome things for myself.

But a girl needs inspiration and for the past two and a half years I’ve see something pretty amazing unfold. You’ve heard about Welly and his love of fishing but what you should also know is that he set up his own company Zing events with his pal Charlie.

I used to look at entrepreneurs and think ‘how do they do it?’ – the lack of financial security, stress when things don’t go to plan, constant outgoings etc and in a sense I still do. However, seeing Welly go through ups and downs but bouncing back up, his courage, enthusiasm, strive and just general positive attitude is something to admire!

I’ve always been proud of him and it’s safe to say that when they helped J.Moore win PA of the Year Award in Independent Event category 2014 I smiled a lot 🙂

It has reinstated for me that if you know what you want, get up and do it with a smile – the good things in life never come easy but who cares, it’s so worth working for!

Big high five to the dude who licked my face and found it hilarious (sometimes it is also about the small things in life).


For the love of tea

If you already know me or follow me on Twitter then you know I have an obsession (I would say a healthy one – sissy don’t object) with herbal teas, especially those of the green variety!

I am a firm believer in the fact that a cuppa no matter what variety can solve pretty much anything and everything!

Therefore I always start my day with a cup of green tea – I especially love Teapigs Yerba mate tea – its smooth and almost sweet flavour acts as a natural energiser and sets me up for the day. I especially find it delightful after my morning exercise!

Here’s one I had earlier 🙂


You can therefore also understand my delight when my dear friend and fellow lover of all things natural over at Bliss Out NYC dropped off all her delightful teas before moving to NYC at seven months pregnant (superwoman!). I’ve decided that when we move to the ‘house on the lake’ I am getting a tea cupboard big enough to hold these (just don’t tell Welly):


However, sometimes nothing beats a good old English cuppa and if you throw in the outdoors and a view you’re pretty much sorted:


Want to start a tea club? I’m definitely there!